A goal-oriented common sense approach to achieving audacious results.

Full Circle Philanthropy specializes in helping emerging donors and small-to-mid-sized nonprofits prepare their charities’ infrastructures and programs for growth. We help you quickly increase your impact by providing practical advice with a documented strategic plan that you can realistically implement.

We are committed to providing you services that can dramatically help you where you are right now and not pie-in-the-sky solutions.

Ours is a holistic approach, deeply rooted in comprehensive analysis, evidence-based research, and collaboration.

We make recommendations that are focused on impact, consider your current and future resources, and often introduce you to a new community of mutually supportive cause-partners.

One of our priorities is to inspire your vision so that you can see the possible opportunities to create sustainable change.

Each engagement is designed based on one or more introductory discussions with you.

Samples of actual Engagements with Full Circle Philanthropy

Engagement 1: Interim CEO, program development and strategic planning

A one-year old charitable project engaged us to complete an operational audit and SWAT analysis. After receiving our report, the founder hired us to implement our recommendations, which included expanding their evidence-based programming and developing strategic programming partners to increase capacity. Our contract was extended three times, ultimately resulting in our engagement in an interim Executive Director role. Within two-years of working with this client, they were invited to speak about their new initiatives at two leading conferences.

Engagement 2: Operational Audit and growth strategy

A newly hired CEO of a mid-sized nonprofit organization engaged us to complete an operational audit that would make recommendations on how to strengthen their infrastructure and processes, as well as outline a growth strategy. We presented a comprehensive report to the Board of Directors with more than 50 recommendations covering operations, governance, and programming. 90% of which the organization implemented within 12 months.  Approximately one year after the first engagement, we were re-engaged to help develop a strategic plan for seamlessly merging a remote office with their headquarters.

Engagement 3: Interim COO, Operational oversight, and growth strategies

A social justice organization was experiencing sudden growth and engaged us to serve as their interim COO, providing daily operational oversight, strengthening internal processes, and designing new high-proflie programming initiatives, as well as providing planning documents for potential growth strategies. Our six-month engagement was extended to 18 months.


Latest News

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Stephanie will be moderating Panel 2: Creating Better Programs at the Sports Philanthropy World Congress. They have graciously offered a 20% referral discount for anyone who uses the code FCPWC during checkout.

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Sample Testimonials

“What was a small idea conjured up sitting around the kitchen table has really grown. This is, in no small part, due to your expertise. From day one you've listened and helped us develop a strong foundation from which to grow. We are both amazed at your honesty, creativity, professionalism, but mostly the fact that you help us see what's possible. Please don't ever leave us!” / client /

“So I’m not quite ready to part ways yet. Your insight, advice and straight-forward, accessible approach are too valuable. “ / client extending our contract /