Full Circle Philanthropy Testimonials …more coming soon


“What was a small idea conjured up sitting around the kitchen table has really grown. This is, in no small part, due to your expertise. From day one you've listened and helped us develop a strong foundation from which to grow. We are both amazed at your honesty, creativity, professionalism, but mostly the fact that you help us see what's possible. Please don't ever leave us!”

/ client /

“I've had the opportunity to partner side-by-side with Stephanie through our work with a client we both have in common. If you are looking for a seasoned strategic thinker who can identify key opportunities and risks for your organization, Stephanie is your woman. She's also exceptional at managing an insane number of details and ensuring every "t" is crossed and every "i" dotted. Nothing gets lost with her and everything gets handled. She approaches her work with these two critical lenses, which ensure your organization is destined to be more successful than it is today. Plus, she keeps her cool no matter what and is a joy to partner with!”

/  Heather Schwager, Founder & Principal, Revive Recruiting /  

So I’m not quite ready to part ways yet. Your insight, advice and straight-forward, accessible approach are too valuable. 

/ client requesting an extension of our contract /