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Frequently Asked Questions

What do you charge?

We charge a monthly retainer or project fee based on the introductory discussions we have with you.

What if, after a few discussions with you, I realize that I don’t want to hire you yet?

We consider it part of our commitment to effective philanthropy to speak with potential clients to help guide them on their next steps. We know we aren’t the best fit for everyone. We often proactively recommend alternatives to hiring us. Remember our motto, “Philanthropy is not a zero sum game.” We are just happy to know that you are looking for direction to have the biggest impact.

With what kinds of client do you work ?

We have advised entrepreneurs and influencers, 100-year-old charities and emerging donors, social justice organizations and educational associations. That’s what excites us! Meeting and working with clients of diverse backgrounds and experience. We bring what we learn from that diversity of experience to each client engagement.

Are you a fundraiser?

The short answer is no. If you are seeking someone who will lead your fundraising efforts, that’s not us. However, as part of your nonprofit team who is deeply imbedded in your programming work, we will have opinions about your fundraising strategy. Fundraising and programming are interconnected and should work in tandem to strengthen each other. We have managed, and in some cases planned, an estimated 65 events, large and small, working closely with event planners. Fundraising is a very specific skill set. Many people claim to be fundraisers. Don’t believe anyone who promises to raise you money. No reputable or experienced fundraiser will promise you that.

How much should I donate?

There is no one-size-fits all answer to that questions. Many factors should be considered. The first priority is usually to ensure your long-term personal financial security, after which you will have a better idea about your disposable income. When asked, we work with you and your financial advisors to recommend a donation amount for your particular situations. If you are interested in learning more about what research shows about giving patterns, you can check out Stephanie’s blog, In Bankruptcy, Nepotism, and Charity, Professional Athletes: They're Just Like Us.

Do you have any recommendations for help resources?

Yes, click here for a few of our favorite resources.

Did you find answers to your questions? If not, give us a call or email us.